MSC Cruises has unveiled a series of carefully selected shore excursions specifically designed to help protect and preserve Earth’s natural beauty and set specific objectives for local tour operator partners to become internationally certified to the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) Criteria. These unique excursions are an integral part of MSC Cruises’ mission to offer guests an environmentally conscious holiday. The new PROTECTOURS program offers MSC Cruises’ guests a chance to discover destinations like never before, while making a positive contribution to the planet through activities aimed to help protect and preserve through a growing list of 25+ tours.

PROTECTOURS will be offered across multiple regions around the world.

“MSC Cruises’ became the first global cruise line to become carbon neutral across marine operations at the start of the year. This commitment to the environment naturally extends to onshore activities too with PROTECTOURS.  These tours serve two purposes: firstly, they offer an opportunity for MSC Cruises to empower their tour partners to diversify their offering to include more sustainable activities and secondly influencing them to operate their business in a sustainable manner and become engaged with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) by the end of 2020. These tours are the first in what MSC Cruises hopes will be a long line of PROTECTOURS, therefore developing not only the choice for guests but a growing positive impact on the environment.”

“According to a new trends report from MSC Cruises, The Future of the Guest Experience as the climate changes, guests are seeking ever more efficient and eco-conscious holiday options, with sustainability, social impact and civic engagement at the forefront of people’s minds. More than half of Generation Z consumers (54%) say that the environmental impact of travelling on destinations is an important factor when deciding where to travel and offering opportunities for civic engage, such as PROTECTOURS, will not only help the destination in question, but help eliminate the guilt that guests may feel when travelling.”

GSTC Accredited Certification Bodies and their certificate-holders are authorized to display the designated GSTC Logo.