GSTC Staff

Roi Ariel

General Manager
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Dr. Mihee Kang

Assurance Program Director
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Dr. Jisun Kim

Training Program Manager
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Estefanía del Azar

Communications Manager
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Maria Liontaki

Accreditation Manager, Lead Assessor
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Ayako Ezaki

Online Training Manager
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Rita Kuan

Market Development Manager
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Emi Kaiwa

Asia Pacific Manager
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Julieta Battilana

Market Access & Events Coordinator
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Adriana Pizzi

Membership Coordinator
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Tatiana Agudelo Monguí

Membership Coordinator
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Tiffany Chan

Destinations Coordinator
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CB Ramkumar

Program Director – South Asia
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Dr. Ioannis Pappas

Program Director – Mediterranean Region
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Jorge Moller

Program Director – Latin America
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Kathleen Pittman

Program Director – Caribbean, and Special Projects
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Mustafa Söğüt

Mustafa Söğüt

Accreditation Coordinator, Lead Assessor
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Natalia Sanin

Measurement & Reporting Analyst
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Herdi Andrarilachi

Audit Process Analyst, Lead Assessor
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Öykü Öztürk

Öykü Öztürk

Assurance Analyst
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Joonsik Son

Joonsik Son

Assurance Planning Coordinator
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So Young Lee

Dr. So Young Lee

Project Manager
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