GSTC Trainers and Training Partners

GSTC works with sustainable tourism training experts from around the world who serve as official GSTC Trainers of the GSTC Sustainable Tourism Training Program. With our global team of trainers, the GSTC delivers Sustainable Tourism Training classes in several languages in addition to English.

GSTC Trainers

Dr. Cherise Addinsall

Country: Australia
Languages: English
Region of Operation: Asia Pacific

Kazuhiro Arai

Country: Japan
Languages: Japanese, English
Region of Operation: East Asia

Matthias Beyer

Country: Germany
Languages: English, German, Spanish
Region of Operation: Europe, Latin America, Africa

Tshoganetso Carl-Ponoesele

Country: Botswana
Languages: English
Region of Operation: Africa

Monique Chen (Ying Chieh Chen)

Country: Taiwan
Languages: Chinese, English
Region of Operation: East Asia

GSTC Trainer Ignacio de las Cuevas

Ignacio de las Cuevas

Country: Spain
Languages: English, Spanish, French
Region of Operation: Asia, Europe

Dr. David Ermen

Country: New Zealand
Languages: English, German
Region of Operation: Asia Pacific, Europe

Ayako Ezaki

Country: Germany
Languages: English
Region of Operation: Europe

GSTC Trainer Mami Futagami

Dr. Mami Futagami

Country: Japan
Languages: Japanese, English
Region of Operation: East Asia

Anula Galewska

Country: Poland
Language: Polish, Russian, English
Regions of Operation: Central Asia

Tim Gamper

Country: Scotland (UK)
Languages: German, English, Spanish, French
Regions of Operation: Asia, Latin America, Europe

Catherine Germier-Hamel

Country: Cambodia
Languages: French, English
Regions of Operation: Greater Mekong Subregion

Dr. Michaela Hölz

Country: Austria
Languages: German, English
Regions of Operation: Europe

Shinobu Hayama

Country: Japan
Languages: Japanese, English
Regions of Operation: Japan

GSTC Trainer Mihee Kang

Dr. Mihee Kang

Country: South Korea
Languages: Korean, English
Region of Operation: East Asia, Southeast Asia

Nia Klatte

Country: Germany, UK
Language: English
Regions of Operation: Europe

Jeppe Klockareson

Country: Sweden
Language: English, Swedish
Regions of Operation: Nordic Region

Diana Körner

Country: Tanzania
Languages: English, German, French
Regions of Operation: Southern Africa, Eastern Africa, Europe

Nicola Koschel

Country: Germany
Language: English, German
Regions of Operation: Europe

Dr. Kim Langmaid

Country: United States
Language: English
Region of Operation: Western USA

Leonardo Latorre Melin

Country: Chile
Language: Spanish
Region of Operation: Latin America

Antje Martins

Country: Australia
Language: English, German
Region of Operation: Asia Pacific, Europe

Jorge Moller

Country: Chile
Languages: Spanish, English
Regions of Operation: South America

Dr. Sabine Müller

Country: Switzerland
Languages: German, English
Regions of Operation: Europe

Angela Nagy

Country: Canada
Language: English
Regions of Operation: North America

Mochamad Nalendra

Country: Indonesia
Language: Bahasa Indonesia
Region of Operation: Indonesia

Natalia Naranjo

Country: Colombia
Languages: Spanish, English
Regions of Operation: South America

GSTC Trainer Steve Noakes

Steve Noakes

Country: Australia
Language: English
Regions of Operation: Asia Pacific, Scandinavia

GSTC Trainer Ioannis Pappas

Dr. Ioannis Pappas

Country: Greece
Language: Greek, English
Regions of Operation: Europe

Kathleen Pessolano

Country: USA
Languages: English, Spanish
Regions of Operation: North America, Latin America

CB Ramkumar

Country: India
Language: English
Regions of Operation: South Asia

Holger Sigmund

Country: Switzerland
Languages: German, English
Regions of Operation: Europe

AnnaSpenceley small

Dr. Anna Spenceley

Country: Seychelles
Language: English
Regions of Operation: Southern Africa, Eastern Africa, Europe

Prof. Urs Wagenseil

Country: Switzerland
Languages: English, German
Regions of Operation: Europe

Chinthana Duminduhewa

Country: Sri Lanka
Languages: English, Sinhala
Regions of Operation: Sri Lanka

Prof. DAC Suranga Silva

Country: Sri Lanka
Languages: English, Sinhala
Regions of Operation: Sri Lanka

Koji Miwa

Country: Japan
Language: Japanese, English
Region of Operation: Japan, Mauritius

Pornpol Noithammaraj

Country: Thailand
Language: Thai, English
Region of Operation: Thailand

Halil Burak Sakal

Country: Türkiye
Language: Turkish, English
Region of Operation: Türkiye

Mehmet BAHAR

Country: Türkiye
Language: Turkish, English
Region of Operation: Türkiye

Duygu Bora

Country: Türkiye
Language: Turkish, English
Region of Operation: Türkiye

Training Program Partner: TrainingAid

TrainingAid, through its partnership with the GSTC, manages and develops the GSTC Sustainable Tourism Training Program (STTP).

TrainingAid logo

TrainingAid is an international tourism training company specialized in sustainable tourism. Focusing on practical and accessible skills development opportunities for travel and tourism industry professionals, TrainingAid offers and supports online, live and in-person training options. Working with industry leaders and experts, TrainingAid provides courses on key topic areas including business development, destination marketing and management, and effective tools and solutions for smart and sustainable growth of the tourism sector.

Regional Training Partners

GSTC works with partner organizations in various regions around the world that support the GSTC’s mission to increase sustainable tourism knowledge and practice. These training partners work with authorized GSTC trainers to offer the official GSTC STTP curriculum on behalf of the GSTC.

Botswana Tourism Organization (BTO)

Training Partner BTO logoCountry: Botswana

The Botswana Tourism Organization is the leading body supporting the efforts to market Botswana’s tourist product, grade and classify tourist accommodation facilities, and promote investment in the tourism sector. With its long-standing commitment to conservation of its land, wildlife and cultural heritage, Botswana enjoys a solid reputation as a progressive sustainable tourism destination and one of the top safari destinations in the world.

DASTA (Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration), Thailand

Country: Thailand

DASTA is a government agency which is accountable to Prime Minister, aiming to create, develop and prolong sustainable tourism in Thailand. DASTA focuses on developing tourism in designated areas, namely Chang Island and Vicinity, Pattaya City and Vicinity, Historical Parks of Sukhothai, Si Satchanalai and Kamphaengphet, Loei, Nan Old City, and Uthong Ancient City, in three dimensions – economy, society, and environment.

Destination Capacity

Region: Oceania, Asia Pacific

Destination Capacity is a consulting and training company, focusing on tourism strategy, destination management and sustainability. Operating from New Zealand, Destination Capacity provides in-person and online services to public and private organizations that want to take the next step in their sustainability journey.

Fair Travel

Training Partner Fair TravelRegion: Nordic Region

Fair Travel is a travel consultancy that works with companies around the world to make responsible tourism mainstream and successful. In addition to representing tour companies to offer fair and sustainable travel experiences, Fair Travel provides support to academic institutions, research groups and other organizations engaged in the area of socially, economically and environmentally responsible tourism.

Green Evolution

Training Partner Green EvolutionRegion: Southeast Europe

Green Evolution, based in Athens, Greece, was created in 2009 by a group of environmental, engineering, financial and legal experts who are specialists in ecology, energy and carbon finance. Green Evolution’s vision is to help create a sustainable and secure future based on integrated environmental services in tourism, assisting public and private sector organizations in their efforts to effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change impact. Green Evolution offers consulting services in Southeast Europe working with several sustainable tourism certification standards and Awards, in Tour Operators, Hotels and Destinations. Green Evolution designs and implements strategies on greenhouse gas management and delivers training for the tourism sector.

MarkPlus Tourism

Training Partner MarkPlus logoCountry: Indonesia

MarkPlus Center for Tourism & Hospitality is a unit business of MarkPlus, Inc., the leading marketing consultant in Indonesia. The Center provides professional services for tourism and hospitality industry players. It was inaugurated on 8th November 2014 by the Minister of Tourism, Republic of Indonesia, Arief Yahya. MarkPlus Center for Tourism and Hospitality is highly committed in formulating relevant business solutions through its consultancy services, comprehensively understanding Indonesia tourism through insightful research, and building the capability of tourism and hospitality human resources using participatory learning approaches.


Country: Germany
Regions of Operation: Global

Founded in 2005, mascountour is a global consultancy working to achieve an innovative and consistent combination of tourism and sustainability. With an interdisciplinary team of expert, with many years of international industry expertise in tourism and sustainable development, mascontour works with destination organizations, tourism companies, and development cooperation organisations, offering practical solutions at the local, regional, national and international level.


RegeneraCountry: Chile
Region of Operation: Latin America

Regenera is a non-governmental organization that aims to promote sustainable and regenerative tourism development, with a special emphasis on protecting the cultural and natural resources of local destinations, as well as supporting families and communities where tourism serves as a tool for economic and social development.

Walking Mountains Science Center

Country: USA

The Sustainability Programs Department at Walking Mountains Science Center in Avon, Colorado offers educational group trainings and custom coaching opportunities to support businesses, destination managers, and local government staff and officials in understanding and implementing sustainable tourism practices. Walking Mountains provides the GSTC “recognized” Actively Green standard for certification of businesses, and the Mountain IDEAL GSTC “recognized” destination standard for certification of mountain resort communities. Onsite trainings are offered in Vail, Colorado and other locations.

Wise Steps Consulting

Country: Indonesia

The first integrated sustainable tourism consultancy in Indonesia, Wise Steps is a solution provider for destination management organisations and private sectors. Be it local governments, hospitality and tourism businesses, or tourist villages, it helps provide new perspectives on sustainable development and technology in an effort to manage risk. Our talent pool experts specialise in rural destination development, sustainable tourism, marketing, feasibility study, and much more.

University of Colombo

Country: Sri Lanka

The University of Colombo in Sri Lanka was established in 1921 as University of Ceylon. It is the oldest and pioneer higher education institution in Sri Lanka by maintaining academic excellence. It has developed a tourism study program named Certificate in Sustainable Tourism Destination Management (CSTDM) with the GSTC partnership. The CSTDM programme provides the required theoretical and conceptual knowledge and right practical applications of sustainable tourism development in Sri Lanka with the context of global best practices to the prospective students those who are currently involved in and for those who aspire to join the travel, tourism and hospitality industry.

Cappadocia University (Kapadokya Üniversitesi)

Country: Türkiye

Cappadocia University (KÜN) is the leading institution in Türkiye in tourism strategic planning, sustainable tourism research and training, and destination development. KÜN is a GSTC member, authorized GSTC training services provider, and the official partner of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Türkiye. Committed to increasing the competitiveness of Turkish tourism industry, KÜN closely cooperates with Türkiye Tourism Promotion and Development Agency and the GSTC in the development of Türkiye’s national sustainable tourism program and criteria.