Becoming a GSTC member means actively participating in our global community, contributing to the important work of the GSTC in promoting the widespread adoption of universal sustainable tourism principles.

1. Member Requirements and Responsibilities

When becoming a member of the GSTC, organizational members are pledging their commitment to the following membership policy:

Commitment to the GSTC Mission

  • Publicly support the mission and objectives of the GSTC.
  • Strive to actively participate in and contribute to the GSTC by supporting its work, publicly promoting the GSTC as an organization, and/or helping raise awareness of the GSTC Criteria as the global standard for sustainable tourism policies and practices.

GSTC Criteria and Sustainable Tourism Best Practices

  • Support the adoption of the GSTC Criteria within relevant tourism operation, project work, and sustainability initiatives.
  • Aim to use GSTC Criteria in order to improve sustainable tourism destination and business practices, including, where applicable, procurement and supply chain practices.
  • Provide accurate and objective information to all stakeholders, including employees, customers and partners, regarding the Member’s sustainability 

Member Obligations and Code of Conduct

  • Do not execute or be involved in activities that compromise the reputation of the GSTC or have 
a negative impact on the work of the GSTC, such as supporting or spreading statements opposing the GSTC. In extreme cases, Members who demonstrate unprofessional and negative behavior will be expelled from the organization at the discretion of the GSTC Board.
  • Pay the annual membership fee.
  • Follow the terms for the use and display of the GSTC Member Logo.

2. Member Opportunities

Membership categories are available for Destinations and Organizations, with each category offering sets of member benefits appropriate for the respective stakeholder type.

All GSTC members have the opportunities to:

  • Vote for members of the GSTC Board of Directors in annual elections.
  • Submit opinions on matters concerning sustainable tourism policies and practices.
  • Apply to become a member of the GSTC Working Group(s).

For more information on these opportunities and on the member benefits based on membership categories, please see the Organization Membership or the Destination Membership information pages.

Member Logo Usage Terms
Destination and Organization Members have access to the “GSTC Member” logo, which can be used for the duration of active membership. The use of the logo must adhere to the GSTC Member Logo Terms of Use, available in the Member-only area of the GSTC website (member log-in required).