GSTC Conference

Destination & Government Members:  learn more  |  application form

Joining the GSTC as a Destination Member is an ideal way for your destination or public agency to become more engaged in the GSTC and to actively commit to the global sustainable tourism principles. It is a step towards improving your sustainability performance and making your sustainability efforts more visible.

As a Destination Member, you will have increased access to GSTC’s resources and expertise dedicated to supporting sustainable destination development and management, including consultation on the training, capacity building, networking and destination assessment options appropriate for your destination.

Destination membership options are available to governments and destination organizations at the municipal, provincial, or national level.

 Category Annual Fee (US Dollars)
 Public Sector – National Tourism Administrations $3,500.00
 Public Sector – Provincial and Municipal Destination Administrations $2,500.00

Organization Members:  learn more  |  application form

The GSTC invites both private-sector and non-profit organizations of all sizes to become an Organization Member to demonstrate your commitment to sustainable tourism and to actively participate in the important work of promoting sustainable tourism policies and practices around the world.

Your engagement in the GSTC as an Organization Member forms a critical force to support our mission of achieving the widespread adoption of sustainable tourism principles and driving demand for more sustainable and responsible travel activities and experiences.

Organization membership options and corresponding membership fees are based on the level of income of the organization that you represent.

 Category  Size/Turnover Annual Fee (US Dollars)
 Industry – Large Businesses > 50 million US$ $3,000
 Industry – Medium Businesses 10-50 million US$ $1,500
 Industry – Small Businesses 3-10 million US$ $750
 Industry – Micro Businesses < 3 million US$ $350
 Civil Society – Large NGOs, NPOs > 3 million US$ $750
 Civil Society – Small/Medium NGOs, NPOs < 3 million US$ $350
 Academia and Educational Institutes $350

Individual Members:  learn more  |  application form

Individual Membership is for individual tourism industry stakeholders. who are engaged in sustainable tourism and would like to support and contribute to the GSTC’s work of spreading sustainability practices in travel and tourism.

Individual Members do not have the ability to use the “GSTC Member” logo, which is reserved for Organization and Destination Members. Small consultancies should join as an Organization Member.

  Annual Fee (US Dollars)
 Individuals $100.00