96% of Indian travelers identified sustainable travel as important to them: Booking.com Sustainable Travel Report 2020

According to research conducted by Booking.com in 2020 (~ 22 global markets and ~1000 participants per market) 82% of travellers tell they find sustainability an important topic, but only 50% tell there’s enough choice when it comes to places to stay and 38% are not even sure where to look for sustainable accommodation.

Specifically for India, over nine in 10 (96%) Indian travelers identified sustainable travel as important to them, while nearly seven in 10 (76%) said they were more determined to make sustainable choices when looking to travel again in the future. Furthermore, witnessing the impact that tourism has on the environment while on vacation has resulted in 73% of travelers making more eco-friendly choices in their everyday life.

However, while many of the findings are promising, there are still obstacles to overcome, as 39% of Indian travelers do not know how or where to find sustainable travel options and half (54%) think there aren’t enough sustainable travel options available. This indicates that there remains an opportunity for more education around what sustainable travel options are already available.

Sustainable Accommodation Choices

  • 97% of Indian travelers said they planned to stay in eco-accommodation in 2020.
  • Out of the 74% of travelers who have previously stayed in an eco accommodation, almost half (46%) did so to help to reduce their impact on the environment.
  • To help convince the 3% of travelers who have not yet expressed interest in staying at an ‘eco-friendly’ accommodation, having a universal eco labeling system could help inspire others to travel sustainably, as 77% of travelers have admitted they would feel reassured about staying in an accommodation if it had an ‘Eco-label’.
  • Booking.com is making headway for clearer labeling, exploring new ways to highlight sustainable practices at accommodations of all kinds across the globe, including everything from reducing plastics to water and energy-saving measures.

Read the full report: Booking.com 2020 sustainable travel report (April 22, 2020)

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