The GSTC Training Coordinator is responsible for accomplishing a number of operational and administrative functions of the GSTC Sustainable Tourism Training Program and supporting the GSTC Training Manager.

See the GSTC Training Program Coordinator Job Description for full details.

Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Manage the day-to-day work of the GSTC Sustainable Tourism Training Program*, including the current and future, globally, both online and on-site, in many languages.

* Note: GSTC Sustainable Tourism Training Program includes a. Sustainable Tourism Course, b. Sustainable Hospitality Course, c. Sustainable Tour Operator Course, d. Accessible & Inclusive Travel Course, e. Applied DEI in Travel Course, f. Sustainable Business Travel, and g. Private, Custom training, and likely future-developed course.

      2. Support for each of the above shall include but is not limited to:

a) Maintain the updated training materials and administration documents

b) Upload and update the training information on the website

c) Maintain participant lists and reports for each class

d) Manage exams and issuance of certificates of attendance and professional certificate

e) Maintain the updated training survey result

f) Support external communications and promotional activities relating to training

g) Perform quality control review of bookings and payments for participants

h) Receive, file, and approve trainers’ and speakers’ invoices and other expenses for payment, matching them to the costing sheets

i) Miscellaneous other administrative duties, including online filing of records

3. Manage the inventory of case studies of sustainable tourism practices that are each mapped to a specific criterion of the GSTC Industry Criteria, the   GSTC Destination Criteria, the GSTC MICE Criteria and/or the GSTC Attraction Criteria.

4. Maintain lists of trainers and the training partners: current and prospective trainers and the partners, those under consideration by the Trainer Selection Committee and the leadership, and those accepted.

5. Miscellaneous other administrative duties shared with and under the direction of the Training Program Manager, potentially including monitoring and replying to inquiries, maintaining records and archives of organizational activities, generating invoices, etc.

6. Provide backup support to essential duties of other staff members as needed during any of their personal leaves.

Reporting Relationship

The reporting relationship is to the Training Program Manager.

Essential Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Korean national/resident
  • 2 years minimum professional work experience in some element of management, coordination, or administration. Education and training experiences are preferred but not required.
  • Language skills: Professional grade written and spoken Korean and English are required
  • Personal skills: Communication skills and strong organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Software skills:
    • Intermediate or higher-level user of MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) and Google documents.
    • Some knowledge of CiviCRM is preferred but not required
    • Some knowledge of Learning management systems, such as Pathwright, is preferred but not required
    • Proven ability to learn various software applications

Application Procedure

Qualified candidates are invited to submit their CV plus a letter stating their motivation, interest, and how they plan to contribute to the GSTC to training@gstcouncil.org.

Candidates of interest will be contacted for further information and will be informed of the compensation package. Applications should be submitted by 30 June 2024.

* Note: Before applying to the GSTC, please 1) understand what the GSTC is, its scope, and what it does (please study the GSTC website if necessary), 2) confirm if you are comfortable with working across different cultures. Our staff, Directors, Trainers, and volunteers work from various locations around the world, and 3) confirm if you are comfortable with working independently and remotely, the GSTC is a “virtual” organization and truly global. Since we have an APAC office in Suwon, you can commute less than 10 times a month to the Suwon office or have an in-person meeting in Incheon, Seoul, or another city.